X-Kote Scratch and Paint Renewal

Permanent Scratch & Faded Paint Renewal, Shine & Scratch Fix for Your Auto, Plane, Boat, RV or Motorcycle

X-Kote® truly is unlike anything you have ever seen or heard of before. X-Kote is a clear coat that is exactly same as what is already on your vehicle, but it has been re-engineered to self level and combine with your existing vehicles clear coat. The result is an amazing, permanent shine that customers say is better than the factory shine.


X-Kote® we are scratch repair and paint renewal specialists. We take your dull faded scratched paint and bring it back to life. Our specialists will bring back the shine your car had when it was new. Scratched, dull, chipped, faded, our team will put a smile back on your automotive, marine or aircraft.


Regular size cars starting at $399.99
Regular size trucks starting at $499.99
Regular size SUV's starting at $449.99

Pricing depends on actual shape of the paint. Please come by for a visit and check out our shops, see how we make your auto look new again and let us give you an accurate quote.

X-Kote ® is the world's only hand applied polyurethane clear coat. yes a true automotive, marine and aircraft two part polyurethane clear coat which is applied in a fraction of the time and the cost of re-spraying.

The Key to this unique technology is X-Kote®'s amazing ability to self level when applied by hand, and X-Kote ®'s Proprietary Chemical Adhesion Process, which allows for application without sanding the surface.

Traditional paint reconditioning is done by either re-spraying, which is costly and time consuming, or buffing and polishing, which results are temporary and limited.

The X-Kote® paint renewal system, on the other hand, applies a micro thin , invisible layer of polyurethane clear coat, which has outstanding elasticity qualities, UV blockers to stop oxidization and fading, and gives unprecedented shine and depth to the existing paint.

And The Environment

In today's green conscious world, X-Kote® is an incredibly efficient and green alternative to respraying. As X-Kote® is hand applied and not sprayed, coverage is maximixed and wastage is greatly minimized. An entire panel such as a bumper, can becompletely covered with less than an ounce of X-Kote®. This is a small fraction of the amount pf clearcoat you would need to spray that same panel, resulting in far less harmful greenhouse causing V.O.C.'s being emitted into the atmosphere.

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