Auto Reconditioning

Let Autolines Re-Condition Your Auto to New

At Autolines we use many of our techniques and tools to make your auto look like new again. Do you have a truck and the frame rails are rusted or discoloured? We make them look like new again. Are your rotors and callipers old and tired? Let us make them come alive with new paint specially designed for this process. If your trunk liner is missing let us add a new one for you. If your dents and dings all over the vehicle are bringing you down let our team remove them, even on chrome bumpers. come in for a quote and let's see how we can put a smile back on your face when you look at your car truck or whatever you have. We will even do all this work on Boats and Semis.

We offer:

  • Complete undercoating services
  • Rock chip filling
  • Dent removal
  • Light body work
  • Bumper scuff
  • Scratch repair
  • Complete interior replacement or leather care
  • Windshield replacement
  • Tire replacement
  • Add new leather seats for your auto
  • Leather interior repair or replacement
  • Cloth interior repair
  • Vinyl interior repair
  • Chrome bumper repair
  • Mechanical work and much more

More to come. Please check back again later. Thank you!